A Message From Our President

"Life is about making choices, both good and bad. It’s the bad choices that turn into life’s lessons. Which is what we are all about. For over 15 years we have dedicated our lives to helping people take the first steps towards moving past your struggles and making better choices."
- William 'Bill' Ingram, CSAC, MSW, President, ADETS & Primary Counselor


William Ingram

William 'Bill' Ingram, CADC, MSW, President, Prevention & Primary Counselor 

Bill has been a Substance Use Counselor for more than 20 years and is known throughout the region for his innovative style, professionalism and compassionate demeanor in treating those with substance use disorders. His experiences include, DWI assessments, prevention, and treatment, which is his specialty, gender specific treatment, co-ed treatment, substance use treatment with special populations and many years as the on-site supervisor for the qualified professionals in substance use at the Dept. of Social Services.

Bill earned a Master of Social Work degree from the University of South Carolina at Columbia and is certified by the NC Addictions Specialist Professional Practice Board. He merged his love of Substance Use Counseling and Social Work practice which led to the development of PROMISES12 LTD. Bill's specialty is providing services to those with DWI offenses and prevention.

Connie Shepherd

Connie Shepherd, LCAS, LCSW, CCS-I

Connie recently joined PROMISES12 as the Clinical Director. She is known throughout the region as a very relaxed and non-judgmental therapist. Connie brings 25 years of experience as a substance use and mental health counselor. Her roles include ACCESS Services (SPMI), Prenatal and Postnatal services to addicted mothers, Medical Social Worker as a HIV case manager and is currently the Supervisor of Substance Use treatment services in the Mecklenburg County jail, among others.

Connie earned a Master of Social Work Degree from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC and is licensed by the NC Addictions Specialist Practice Board as a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist and is licensed by the National Association of Social Workers as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Her hope is to assist you with discovering your true strengths, assist with building upon those strengths so you can live your best life.

Mae Ingram

Mae Ingram, Administrative Assistant/Office Manager

Mae is one of the founding partners of PROMISES12 LTD and been with the agency since the beginning. She is a native of Ohio and has lived in Charlotte for 30 years. A call or visit to Mae is the first step in the process. She will provide an overview of the program, answer many of your questions, complete the preliminay paper work and get you prepared for your assessment.

Julie Gainer

Julie Gainer, M.Ed., LCAS

Julie joined PROMISES12 in 2012 and she has been a Contract Counselor for eleven years. She is known for her professionalism, soft delivery and effectiveness throughout the area. She brings 30 years of experience working with the elderly, disabled, in patient relations and Hospice. Julie has a special interest in facilitating groups in the Substance Use arena.

Julie earned her Bachelor Degree in Social Work and a Master of Education Degree in Counseling from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is licensed by the NC Addictions Specialist Professional Practice Board as a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist. As a Social Worker, Julie has strong beliefs in self-determination and approaches her clients from this perspective. Julie love of helping people find their best led her to join the staff of PROMISES12. Her specialty is facilitating groups.