When I came to your office I was scared to death. I'd heard I needed certain things for court, for my attorney and I had lots of questions. I met with Bill who listened while I talked and asked my questions. I told Bill I didn't know if I could do this. After listening to me, Bill began to explain the process in terms I could understand. I remember him explaining what's involved in completing an assessment, what classes were like and the meaning of an E508. I could feel the empathy and compassion as we spoke and he assured me I could do this.

I completed the assessment and went on to do my classes with Bill, Julie and Lisa by my side all the way. If one can enjoy DWI classes, I enjoyed them and learned a lot.

I highly recommend your services to all. Oh yes, thanks for sending the 508 so quickly.

Thanks for everything,


I just want to take the time to thank PROMISES12 for a job well done. I found PROMISES12 after going to several other agencies seeking assistance for a DWI I received many years ago. I had heard you had just opened but I thought I would try you anyway. I was really surprised to find your staff has over 40 years of experience and you could help me resolve my case.

I was made to feel comfortable telling my story and you immediately went to work. Within a few days I was enrolled in a program that brought many changes in me and I didn't go broke in the process. I can hear you saying, "This is about a behavior change" and you were right. I received my license shortly after completing my classes. Great job by all of you.

I highly recommend PROMISES12 to anyone with a DWI.


When I came to PROMISES12 I was unemployed and my money was tight. I had taken my assessment and was looking for a place to do my classes. You didn't ask me for a lot of money upfront and allowed me to pay as I go. I was able to come to class using your in house payment plan. I've completed my classes, received my license and found employment, thanks to all you did to help me. I attended the weekday classes with Bill and Julie and I learned a lot. These classes were really interesting.

I'm telling everybody with a DWI to go to PROMISES12.




I was shocked when I walked into your offices for a free consultation. You were open and inviting in stark contrast to the approach I'd received from other agencies. They had put me on guard to be ripped off especially since this wasn't my first time around the block. I expected to have to fit into some spot regardless. I told you guys I couldn't do weekday classes and you responded, "We have weekend classes". Problem solved. I said I couldn't pay for my classes up front and you said, "use our payment plan", another problem solved. My last objection was resolved when I said I'm on a tight schedule and don't know when I can do an assessment and you told me no appointment is necessary, just walk in when you have an hour to spare. I could see you were interested in helping me and not making me fit in for you.

I called Bill on Friday night and asked to see him on Saturday morning. He was there waiting for me when I arrived. I took my assessment, signed up for weekend classes and used the in house payment plan. You guys really worked with me and I appreciate it. Evidently I didn't get it the first time but with your innovative and compassionate style I think I got it.

Thanks for helping me find the way to succeed.

PROMISES12 is highly recommended to anyone with a DWI.